友 晁能源材料(股)公司成立於2011年,為友嘉集團在太陽能產業的重點轉投資公司。友嘉集團為兩岸三地最大的工具機集團,2011年合併營收達新台幣 550億(美金18億)以上。友晁能源材料股份有限公司致力於太陽能電池導電漿與雷射製程設備之開發與製造,並結合材料與設備的整合性技術為太陽能電池的 高效率、低製造成本提供整合性解決方案。

TeraSolar Energy Materials Corporation (tsemc) was established in June 2011 as a joint venture of Fair Friend Group (FFG) and a team of professionals in photovoltaic technology.The FFG is the largest CNC machine tools company in the Greater China region with more than NTD 55 billion(USD 1.8 billion) group consolidated revenue in FY2011. TSEMC is principally engaged in the manufacture and distribution of conductive pastes (e.g., aluminum and silver), and laser process equipment, used for solar cells. By combining with the integrating technology, materials and equipment, we come to the goal to provide each of our customers a tailor-made integrated solution that can serve with highest efficiency and lowest manufacturing cost possible.



Jimmy Chu
Chairman of Fair Friend Group




在這漫漫的旅程中,我們永遠記得企業的使命,是在提升人類生活品質為依歸,進而創造舒適清新的環境與便捷的生活時空。因此,我們不僅在企業本身做了全面的 回顧與前瞻性的規劃,更在產品的研發製造行銷及服務等方面都做更進一步的改變,透過既有的企業識別體系和企業文化,更彰顯我們對社會的責任感與榮譽心。今 後更以雄厚的實力與旺盛的企圖心,將研發成果有效的應用到未來的生產事業中,將科技產品融合在日常生活裡,推展至世界各角落,使吾人共同分享這些成果。



FFG Chairman's Message

Over the last 23 years our enterprise, through sincere, reliable and ethical management, has successfully diversified itself preparing for the many new challenges that will take us into the year 2001 and beyond.

We have voluntarily taken the responsibility of promoting the quality of our lives. As the focus of society changes, so do tasks and the organization of the enterprise. We greatly appreciate experiences, practical knowledge and innovative solutions that our overseas partners have brought to us. The future of the enterprise holds great promise. Our staff members are dedicated to improving our skills in R&D, manufacturing, services and marketing strategies. We are committed to providing products and essential services to the community. Our venture is not complete, but the direction of the enterprise is crystallizing as the process continues. Our commitment and our ultimate sense of honor are illustrated in our Corporate Identity System (CIS) and heritage.

Together with our dedicated staff, we are looking forward to the growth of the enterprise and the prosperity of our society.




We dedicated ourselves to the research and development of advanced materials and equipment through technology innovation and insistence on quality in order to provide customers with higher value-added products and services ; and through our continued efforts and contribution in green initatives, we are able to enhance the global environmental sustainability.



誠信: TSEMC下定決心做對的事 - 承諾以最高道德及誠信標準作為公司商業行為的準則。
紀律: 紀律是人才轉換成能力的煉火。
品質: 我們始終追求卓越, 提供最高品質。
服務: 我們始終把客戶放在第一位 -- 衷心認識他們,了解他們的需求,並超越他們的期望。
信任: 我們始終以最高商業道德和誠信標準,結合最高品質與竭誠服務來贏取客戶的信任


Integrity: TSEMC is determined to do the right thing – to commit to conducting ourselves with the highest standards of ethics and integrity.

Discipline: “Discipline is the refining fire by which talent becomes ability” (Quoted by Roy L. Smith).

Quality: We always strive for excellence by delivering our best.

Service: We always put our customers first by knowing our customers, understand their needs and wants, and exceed their expectations.

Trust: We always build customer trust by conducting ourselves with the highest standards of business ethics and integrity, committed highest quality and satisfactory service.




The company is led by a group of experienced professionals with proven track records in PV industry.


德國Dortmund 大學化學博士(1987)
交通大學 EMBA(2001)

工業技術研究院,正研究員兼經理,組長,副組長(July 2004~July 2011)
台灣太陽光電產業協會秘書長(2006~April 2010)
Co-Chair, SEMI PV Standards Taiwan Technical Committee
光群雷射科技公司 研發處長 (2002~2004)
興能高科技公司 技術副總(1998~2002)
冠華股份有限公司 廠長(1997~1998)
清華大學化學研究所 兼任副教授(1993~1996)
工研院 材料工業研究所 化學分析實驗室主任(1987~1997)
受邀請演講:Japan, Korea(2008&2010), Malaysia(2007&2010), Holland( Nov. 2011)

Dr. J.S. Chen

Education: Ph.D. in Chemistry, University Dortmund (Germany)

Dr. Chen got his Ph.D. degree in Chemistry Department from University Dortmund, Germany in 2006 under the support of German Academic Exchange Services(DAAD).Then he was in charge of the Chemical Analysis Laboratory in Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI),Taiwan for more than 10 years . After that he has been serving in secondary battery and hologram industry for 8 years as R&D director, VP. in Hsinchu Science Park.

Dr. Chen has involved in the development of solar industry since 2004.As a project leader; division director in Photovoltaics Technology Center (merged into Green Energy and Environment Research Laboratory 2011)in ITRI, he has dedicated in the establishment of PV promotion policy to create domestic market ,nursing PV industry and facilitating international networking for Taiwanese PV industry. Based on his international linkage and domestic PV industry connection he was in charge in the establishment of Taiwan Photovoltaic Industry Association(TPVIA)which represent 99% of Taiwanese PV industries .Therefore he has been the secretary general of n 2007~2010. Meanwhile he initiated SEMI PV Standards Working Group with SEMI Taiwan. In 2009 the PV petition of Technical Committee has been successfully accepted by SEMI based on his presentation in San Francisco CA. Currently he is one of the core-chair of SEMI Taiwan PV Standards Technical Committee. Due to his involvement in the PV field and contribution to the booming of Taiwan PV industry he been invited in several international conferences as speaker (China, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, the Netherlands.) to share the valuable experiences





吳博士2003年於國立清華大學化工所畢業,專長為應用電化學,結合數值模擬分析有機添加劑在半導體Dual damascene銅製程的行為。

Dr. B.H. Wu
Education: Ph.D. of Chemical Engineering, National Tsing-Hua University (Taiwan)

Dr. Wu is one of the founders of TSEMC.

Dr. Wu graduated from National Tsing-Hua University in 2003. His expertise is applied electrochemistry using numerical model to analyze the behavior of organic additives in IC copper dual damascene process.

Dr. Wu’s first job right after receiving his Ph.D was working at ITRI-TTLA and ITRI-MCL as a researcher and a project leader respectively.  He was in charge of new technologies and structures of non-contact LC alignment and 3D-SiP.  He also had technical development experience in display optics, LC physics, conductive polymer and high frequency, GHz, decoupling capacitor.

Prior to the started-up of TSEMC, he was a RD Manager at Delsolar Co., Ltd, and had achieved remarkable results in fine line-width metallization for high efficiency crystalline solar cell.

He has six published journal papers and obtains over 15 patents worldwide.



2016年 6月27日: 友嘉實業集團朱志洋總裁 榮獲臺灣科技大學名譽博士學位 連結

2016年 3月17日: 台灣科技大學蒞臨友嘉台中精科廠 連結

2016年 3月 4日: 義大利國會眾議院訪華團拜會友嘉實業集團 連結

2011年 6月    : 友晁能源材料股份有限公司正式成立。

TSEMC was officially established in June, 2011.




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